“Set Up My Standard to the People”

Brant Gardner

The restoration of the lost of Israel is placed in the hands of the Gentiles (another humbling thought for proud Israel). The Lord promises that he will "set up my standard to the people" - meaning that the gospel will be brought to the Gentiles. After that, the Gentiles will be the instrument of the restoration of Israel: "they shall bring thy sons in their arms, and they daughters shall be carried upon their shoulders." What a beautiful and loving image. It spite of the loving picture invoked, it also invokes a relationship, as to be capable of carrying the sons in arms and daughters on shoulders we must envision a parent and child, and thus extend that image to Israel.

Israel must understand that while the Lord continues in his love for her, it will not be exclusive in the future, and there will come a time when they will be restored, but restored to righteous humility. The self-serving visions of Israel as a political world power that they had in times past is not their future, but a loving reunion with their children, brought by the hands of other nations.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon