“In His Quiver Hath He Hid Me”

Alan C. Miner

According to John Tvedtnes, the ideas contained in the first verse of Isaiah 49 (1 Nephi 21:1) are also found in Jeremiah 10:21; 23:1-4; and Ezekiel 34:5-8. [John A. Tvedtnes, "The Isaiah Variants in the Book of Mormon," FARMS, p. 73]

1 Nephi 21:2 A polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me ([Illustration]): Modern quivers, Old City, Jerusalem. An archer generally carried his quiver on his back with the arrows near his right shoulder, making them easily accessible. The quiver, usually made of leather or wood, "hid" and thus protected the arrows. Photograph by Tana and Mac Graham. [Donald W. Parry, Visualizing Isaiah, p. 110]

Step by Step Through the Book of Mormon: A Cultural Commentary