“He Shall Make His Way Prosperous”

Brant Gardner

The clear intent of this passage is to place the Lord's endorsement on the words and actions of this prophet. It is certain that his call to preach comes from the Lord. What is perhaps slightly confusing is the "he shall make his way prosperous." Lest we imagine that the Lord is predicting great monetary wealth for this prophet, it is instructive to examine alternate translations of the passage. Ludlow uses the New King James version to render this passage:

"Also, says the Lord; I the Lord I, I predicted and I called him to declare, I have brought him and he shall succeed in his mission." (Ludlow, Isaiah, Prophet, Seer, and Poet, p. 405)

Gileadi renders the passage: "I myself have spoken it, and also called him; I have brought him, and I will prosper his way."(Gileadi, The Book of Isaiah, p. 191)

Each of these renditions places the emphasis on the ultimate success of the prophet's spiritual goals, and removes any hint that the success might have been monetary.

Multidimensional Commentary on the Book of Mormon