“The Convincing of the Gentiles and the Remnant of the Seed of My Brethren”

K. Douglas Bassett

refer in this text to 3 Ne. 21:4; Book of Mormon Prophecies, Warner, pp. 126-141

“The Gentiles who administer spiritual blessings will be collectively part of the house of Israel, or Church members who have been gathered out from the Gentile nations but are still identified with the Gentiles culturally (see D&C 109:60).” (Monte Nyman, Ensign, Aug. 1994, p. 62; compare Bro. Nyman’s words to the quote by R. Millet and J. F. McConkie under 1 Ne. 13:3)
“If the Indians had all that was rightfully theirs they would not be where they are and we would not be where we are. Remember that. We are here through the grace of God, and do not forget it. The Lord gave us to share an inheritance with the Indians in this glorious land which is choice above all other lands in all the world. But it is ours only on the condition, as I see it, that we do our part in seeing that these people come into the Church.” (Teachings of Spencer W. Kimball, p. 237)

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon