The Spirit Questions Nephi about What He Desires

John W. Welch

"What desirest thou?" Have you ever noticed in the New Testament, when the Lord is about to heal someone, He will ask them first what it is that they want from Him? The question "What desirest thou?" precedes the miracle, in Jesus’s day and still today. Nephi was specific in what he asked for. There is a lot to be learned just from how this vision unfolds. Not only was Nephi’s specific question answered, but much more was given, things that likely surprised him, which he had not previously even imagined. Also worth pondering is the possibility that if Nephi had not asked, we and the whole world might never have received the important interpretation and expansion of Lehi’s vision. Asking is important. But be prepared to give an answer to the question: What do you desire? What do you really desire?

John W. Welch Notes