“Caught Away in the Spirit of the Lord”

W. Cleon Skousen

We now begin to get some of the most fascinating information of the entire Book of Mormon. We not only get a more detailed interpretation of the vision received by father Lehi, but we learn that the Holy Ghost is in the form of a man. We also learn about the coming of the Gentiles to America, including the arrival of Columbus. And we also learn about a vision he received on his fourth journey to America from an angel whose identity has now been revealed. We hear about the Revolutionary War, the restoration of the gospel, and the future destiny of America. Nephi even got to see the day through which we are now living. But let us first begin with Nephi's petition to the Lord that he be allowed to see what his father Lehi had seen.

It is interesting that once Nephi had asked the Lord to show him what his father saw, he felt assured the Lord would grant his request.

Nephi was caught up into a new, strange and exceedingly high mountain exactly as Moses been. When Moses was caught up he was allowed to see God face to face. In the case of Nephi he says he was caught up by the Spirit of the Lord to a high mountain where he had never been before, and though he received revelations from the Lord, it doesn't say that he got to see him face to face.

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