“This He Spake Because of the Stiffneckedness of Laman and Lemuel”

Bryan Richards
"The neck typifies the spirit and attitude of nations and men, usually denoting callousness and hardness (2 Ne. 6:102 Ne. 6:10; Prov. 29:1Prov. 29:1). Men having necks of 'iron sinew' (1 Ne. 20:41 Ne. 20:4) or having 'stiffness of necks' (2 Ne. 25:122 Ne. 25:12; 1 Ne. 2:111 Ne. 2:11 ) are those who are unable to glance sidewards at the concerns of their neighbor or to look upward toward their Creator." (Joseph Fielding McConkie and Donald W. Parry, A Guide to Scriptural Symbols, "Neck")