He Left His Precious Things

Mosiah 22:12; 24:17-20; Ether 1:39-42; Jacob 7:26

“Nephi and all the others were called upon to make a great sacrifice, to leave behind practically all they had known; but the Lord promised, despite the sacrifice of the moment, that they would eventually possess more and greater blessings. We of modern times struggle with that principle also. One of the most dangerous problems we face is wanting immediate gratification. Few people, it seems, believe in postponement—if we want something, we want it now… . There seems to be a follow-up principle to sacrificing: Whenever we give something up or go without, we find ourselves in possession of more and greater.” (Kelly Ogden, Studies in Scripture, ed. by K. Jackson, 7:25)
K. Douglas Bassett -

K. Douglas Bassett

Latter-Day Commentary on the Book of Mormon