My Father Read Many Things Concerning Jerusalem

Monte S. Nyman

That Lehi saw more things as he read is implied (v. 14), but regardless the future destruction of Jerusalem and the carrying of the Jews into captivity in Babylon were made known unto him (v. 13). In spite of the sadness he must have felt over the coming demise of his people, he apparently recognized the justice of God in their downfall. He praised him for his mercy and goodness (vv. 13–14). The entire experience brought rejoicing to his soul, “and his whole heart was filled” (v. 15).

Lehi had come to a knowledge of, and had experiences with, all three members of the Godhead. He saw God sitting upon his throne (v. 8), had personal interaction with Jesus Christ (v. 11), and was filled with the Holy Ghost or Spirit of the Lord (v. 12). Certainly, he was able to see God and Christ because of his being “quickened by the Spirit of God” (D&C 67:11). Lehi is now a special witness of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Book of Mormon Commentary: I Nephi Wrote This Record