Aaron’s Missionary Labors

Aaron’s Rejection Among the Amalekites in Jerusalem

Alma 21:1–2
Aaron takes his journey to a Lamanite city called Jerusalem, were the two primary cultural groups are the Amalekites and the Amulonites.
Alma 21:3
Amalekites and the Amulonites are among the most hard–hearted people.
Alma 21:4
Aaron starts preaching in the Amalekite synagogues.
Alma 21:5–6
One Amalekite gets up and challenges Aaron’s authority.
Alma 21:7
Aaron asks if he believes that the Son of God will save mankind.
Alma 21:8
The Amalekite denies prophesy and writes off the revelations of the past as foolish tradition.
Alma 21:9
Aaron opens the scriptures and refers to the writings about the coming of Christ.
Alma 21:10
As he explains the scriptures, the Amalekites begin the mock him, and kick him out of the city.
Alma 21:11
Aaron finds his way to a village called Ani–Anti, where he meets his friends Muloki and Ammah.

Missionaries in Prison

Alma 21:12–13
Ani–Anti is helplessly beyond repair so Aaron and his friends move to Middoni, where they are thrown into prison.
Alma 21:14
Ammon arrives with Lamoni, and frees them.
Alma 21:15–17
Ammon leaves, and Aaron and his friend continue preaching again, following the Spirit; Many people begin to believe.

Preaching in the Royal Palace

Alma 22:1
Aaron and his companions make their way to the land of Nephi, and find the king’s palace.
Alma 22:2–3
They offer to become servants to the king.
Alma 22:3
The king is intrigued by these missionaries and wants to know why Ammon has not come with them.
Alma 22:4
The missionaries tell the king that the Spirit directed Ammon has gone back to Ishmael, to teach Lamoni (his son)’s people.
Alma 22:5–6
The king asks what is meant by “the Spirit”, and asks about the doctrine.
Alma 22:7
Aaron asks him if he believes in God.
Alma 22:7
The king knows that the Amalekites claim to worship a God, but beyond that, knows very little; even so, he is willing to believe.
Alma 22:8
Aaron assures the king that there is a God.
Alma 22:9
The king asks if God is the Great Spirit.
Alma 22:10
Aaron says yes, and that he is the creator of all things.
Alma 22:11
The king believes.
Alma 22:12
Aaron, seeing the open heart of the king, begins teaching from the scriptures.
Alma 22:13–14
Aaron explains the creation, the fall, the plan of redemption, the atonement of Christ, and the resurrection.

The King’s Conversion

Alma 22:15
The king asks what he must do to be born of God, and receive eternal life.
Alma 22:16
Aaron tells him to have faith, repent and pray.
Alma 22:17–18
The king kneels down and prays—he asks to know God, and offers to forsake all his sins.
Alma 22:18
Upon uttering this prayer, the king falls down, apparently dead.
Alma 22:19
The servants run and tell the queen that the king is down; the queen, seeing her prostrate husband and Aaron and his friends standing next to him, orders their execution.
Alma 22:20
The servants, who knew that the missionaries did not attack the king, explain to the queen that they are protected by a supernatural force.
Alma 22:21
The queen, seeing the servants’ apparent fear, orders the citizens to lynch Aaron and his companions.
Alma 22:22
Aaron, fearing unrest among the people, commands the king to stand.
Alma 22:23
The king gets up, converted, and begins converting his household.
Alma 22:24
The mob that had gathered to lynch the missionaries wonder what is going on.
Alma 22:25–26
The king comes out and assures them that they did him no harm, and tells the missionaries to preach to the mob.

Proclamation Protecting the Missionaries

Alma 23:1–2
The king sends a proclamation out prohibiting any harmful action against the missionaries.
Alma 23:3
The proclamation allowed the word of God to be spread without obstruction.

Successful Preaching

Alma 23:4–5
The missionaries go forth and enjoy great success in their continued preaching.
Alma 23:6–7
Many Lamanites come to a knowledge of the truth.
Alma 23:8–12
The citizens of the cities and lands of Ishmael, Middoni, Nephi, Shilom, Shemlon, Lemuel, and Shimnilom are converted.
Alma 23:13
The Lamanite converts put away their weapons of war.
Alma 23:14–15
Only one Amalekite is converted; the rest remain heard–hearted.
Alma 23:16
The king wishes that the converts be given a name to distinguish them.
Alma 23:17–18
They assume the name “Anti–Nephi–Lehies”.

Rumors of War

Alma 24:3–4
The king confers the kingdom to his son, and dies.
Alma 24:1–2
The Amalekites and Amulonites, angry with the converts, prepare for war against them.
Alma 24:5
Aaron and his companions, sensing the imminent military strike, go to the land of Midian, where they meet Ammon.