strtoupper('“T')he Lord Perceives Their Desires”

On the first day of Christ's visit, the multitude was in awe of their divine Visitor. The only words they uttered were, Hosanna! Blessed be the name of the Most High God! (3 Nephi 11:17). According to the record, they said nothing after he gave them the Sermon on the Mount. They said nothing as he taught them, blessed them, and prayed for them. Although awe-stricken to the point that they could hardly speak, there was no lack of communication between the multitude and the Master. He perceived that some wondered about the fulfillment of the Law of Moses (3 Nephi 15:2), he perceived that they did not understand the words of Isaiah (v. 2), he perceived that they did not want him to go (v. 5), he perceived that they wanted to know what miracles he had performed in Jerusalem (v. 8), and he perceived that their faith was sufficient to be healed. Thus, there was a two-way communication. Jesus understood their thoughts and desires so completely, that vocalization was not needed. For the multitude, the whole experience must have been breathtaking.

Bryan Richards -

Bryan Richards